1. Students may only use software installed by the network administrator.

2. Students may use the computers for learning purposes only, involving materials published on the Department web site.

3. Students are not allowed to plug-in or plug-out any electronic equipment. Students may not power-on or power-off the computers; this operation may only be performed by teaching or technical staff of the Department.

4. For their own protection, students must announce any equipment malfunction to the Department technician, in order to institute proper maintenance measures.

5. Installing and working with external software is strictly prohibited.

6. Saving practical activities on memory devices can be done only by request, on a special system protected to viruses, only by technical staff of the Department.

7. Please keep the Department building tidy. For hygiene and safety reasons, eating or drinking in the classrooms is not allowed. Any food or beverage must be kept inside a piece of luggage, in properly sealed containers, only to be used outside the classrooms.

8. Smoking is strictly prohibited, both inside the Department building

9. Facilities inside the Department (equipments, restrooms, furniture, etc.) should be used in a careful and civilized manner.

10. Students may enter the Department no more than 10 minutes in advance of their scheduled activity (course or practical activity). Students who are more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled activity will be marked absent for the whole duration of that activity. Students who leave their classroom before the scheduled end of an activity, without an express approval from their professor, will receive an unjustified absence for the whole duration of that activity.

11. Repair costs for any damage resulting from abuse of Department facilities or other University property will be covered at the sole expense of the individual(s) who produced the damage. In severe cases, future access to Department facilities may be denied to individuals inflicting facility damage.

12. Any violation of the above regulations and safety rules may be sanctioned by withdrawing the student's right to access the Department, for a progressive time-span between 2 weeks and 1 semester, according to the severity of the violation. For all activities taking place during the respective time-span, the student will receive unjustifiable absences.

13. These rules represent also an instruction of work safety for the students attending didactic activities at Medical Informatics and Biostatistics Department.